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Huanqiu Editor’s Commentary: China Is Not a Rag for the U.S. to Use to Clean Its Dirty Table

{Editor’s Note: Amidst the U.S. request for China to take action to reduce the U.S.’ trade deficit against China by $100 billion, Huanqiu, a media under People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editor’s commentary on March 15 rebutting the U.S. demand. It claimed, “If the United States attempts to cut a piece of flesh off of China, then the U.S.’ front teeth will be punched out.” Continue reading

Global Times Editorial: South Korea, the United States, and Japan Must Not Interfere with Sino-DPRK Friendship Relations

China’s Global Times published an editorial commenting on the recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear issue. The editorial stated, “The North Korean nuclear crisis has pushed North Korea into the spotlight of global public opinion. The information that South Korea, Japan, and Western media organizations have produced have basically dominated the world public opinion field. For China and the DPRK, how to distinguish and grasp the differences between the conflict on both sides of the nuclear issue and the Sino-DPRK friendship relations, and how to avoid the influence of South Korea, Japan, and Western public opinion in this regard is a major test that both countries should regard highly.”

The article warned that Chinese society must be clear-headed, stay calm, and must not be manipulated by the (hostile) forces that have ulterior motives.

It continued, “The Global Times has always firmly supported the Chinese government’s proposal to denuclearize the peninsula and oppose wartime conflicts on the peninsula. At the same time, it firmly believes that it is necessary to maintain the Sino-DPRK friendship relations and minimize the impact of the nuclear conflict issues on this relationship.”

“There are serious differences on the nuclear issue. This is the reality of the China-DPRK relationship, but it should not become the whole of the relationship between the two countries at any time, and it should not cut off the long-term strategic track of China-DPRK relations.”

Source: Global Times, March 18, 2018

Duowei: Chinese Experts Say China Made a Big Strategic Mistake in Its North Korea Policy

According to Duowei News, U.S. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will hold a historic meeting, which has put China in an awkward position as it is sandwiched by enemies on both sides. It is said that China may have committed a major mistake.

Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China, told the Russian Satellite Network that under Donald Trump’s persuasion, pressure, and deception, China imposed six to seven rounds of sanctions on North Korea last year. China almost exhausted all of its measures of sanction against the DPRK. One of the most important consequences of these measures is that Pyongyang’s resentment toward China is growing.

Shi also said, “The dramatic changes on the Korean Peninsula have in fact knocked China out of the picture. Although the possibility of a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula has been greatly reduced, still, China has in fact been excluded from the current affairs related to the nuclear crisis. Due to North Korea’s resentment towards China, such a situation is unlikely to change in the near future.” “Kim Jong-un has been working hard to improve relations with South Korea and the United States. Given this situation, he no longer needs to rely on China. This has become a major problem for China’s diplomacy.“ “I dare not say that by joining the sanctions camp, our government has made a major mistake. However, China’s actions have not been rewarded. This is a fact.”

Duowei also quoted The British Guardian’s report on March 9 that Zhao Tong, a researcher at the Carnegie Center for Global Policy at Tsinghua University, said, “In the short term, I think Beijing will be happy and will welcome this development very much.” However, Zhao Tong also said that China may feel nervous about the potential results of the meeting.

Source: Duowei, March 16, 2018

Duowei News: Xi Jinping Elevates the Focus of China’s Foreign Diplomatic Affairs

Duowei News published an article on March 20 stating that Xi has changed his focus on China’s foreign affairs effort, thereby elevating it to an important position and that there will be a major reshaping of China’s foreign affairs work to enable it to play a more important role in the party’s governing body. The change includes an increase in the budget, a change in personnel, the reform of the foreign affairs agency and the setting up of a state-level International Development Cooperation Agency. The article reported that in 2018, the budget for Foreign Affairs was 60 billion yuan or US$9.5 billion, an increase of 15.6 percent from 2017 and 40 percent from 2013 when Xi first took power. The personnel change includes the appointment of Wang Yi to state councilor to handle pressing foreign affairs issues including the US – China relationship, North Korea, Taiwan and the South China Sea. Wang Qishan was appointed to be the Vice President with his main focus being on foreign affairs; Xi’s economic adviser Liu He was appointed to be the Vice premier. He is expected to handle the trade imbalance between the U.S. and China. The newly established state-level International Development Cooperation Agency is expected to manage the ever increasing foreign aid budget.

Source: Duowei, March 20, 2018

Duowei News: Greeting Letter from Kim Jong-un Indicates Closeness between China and North Korea

According to an article Duowei News published, on March 18, following Xi’s appointment to the new presidency, in section V of the paper, People’s Daily published a number of greeting letters from foreign leaders. The greeting letter from Kim Jong-un was placed on the top. Compared to the greeting letter in 2013, the number of words in the greeting letter from Kim Jong-un this time was only 111 words compared to 213 words in 2013. The content was also missing words such as “strengthening the close friendship between our two countries.” The article further commented that the existing neutral relationship between the two countries is a reflection of the existing trade relationship. In 2017, North Korea had a trade surplus due to the export of electricity to China in the amount of US$10.8 million compared to US$2.6 million in 2016. The article ended with the statement that, “On one hand, China is following the international community in imposing sanctions against North Korea. On the other hand, under the table, it is still assisting North Korea by buying electricity from them, which has enabled North Korea to make tens and millions of dollars. This could be the reason that Kim Jong-un is still sending warm wishes to Xi, although there was an obvious distance between the lines in his letter.”

Source: Duowei News, March 20, 2018

Summary of the “Five Musts” Contained in the Government Work Report of the National People’s Congress

Xinhua published a summary of the “Report on the work of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress” that Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) delivered on March 8, during the third plenary meeting of the first session of the 13th NPC. It contained a summary of the “Five Musts” that delegates of the National People’s Congress must observe when they conduct their work. They are:
1) Must uphold the leadership of the central administration in accordance with Comrade Xi Jinping’s authority
2) Must execute Xi’s socialist thought with Chinese Characteristics in the new era
3) Must demonstrate that the people are the masters of the country in their political and social lives
4) Must play an important role in promoting the rule by law
5) Must maintain an unshakeable determination to make timely improvements in the system of the National People’s Congress

Source: Xinhua: March 11, 2018

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